frayed ends: tying things up


So much to do at this point and the days remaining can now be counted on one hand– most alarming.

Fortunately, at this point, I think everything involving paperwork has been completed:  visas, car registration, miscellaneous insurance policies, plane tickets, that sort of thing.  Half my communication tools are ready to go: my Nokia quad-band cell phone along with international pay-as-you-go service which seems half reasonable and my laptop has an inverter to work via car and European and Asian electrical.  The satellite phone is due to arrive tomorrow.  Now it is time to pack and review the lists, make sure I have maps, medication, notes, etc…  Update my plans for the first few days.  Read more about driving stick on the wrong side.  Etc.

That and wrap-up a couple things at home and the office before I become otherwise occupied with the pretty big task at hand… and somewhat incommunicado.


One Response to “frayed ends: tying things up”

  1. 1 J. Mould

    Feeling the stress here also ……..

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