Ich verlor meine Kamera gestern, hat jemand finden es hier am Nachmittag?

Everyone within 50 meters of this statue becomes very serious. Beethoven radiates seriousness.

Somehow in the ups and downs of my banking haste, I misplaced my camera and left it at a bank.  Thankfully, the kind people at the bank knew there was a crazed American and suspected I would be back… sure enough I was!

In other news, though it is disheartening that I purchased a Montagsauto, there have been countless pleasant surprises along the way.  The food and beer has been great in Germany and balances out the hassle of their banking system and my credit cards.   Jason and I made an Iraqi friend in Cologne and a friend of one of the mechanics who, when he isn’t working a miracle on the Panda, he showed-us around town and was great to talk to.

I like compound words and that there is a large puppet repair industry in Bonn.

Things don’t go according to plan really when you try something like this.  So far, outside of the UK, we haven’t adhered to any of the planned itineraries, so why start now?  With any luck, our revised schedule will be to replace Prague, Budapest, Sibiu, and Odessa with Krakow and L’viv.  I hadn’t planned on this at all, but it will save some time and both should be interesting places.  I suspect that wherever we land, it will be interesting.

Sieberg was a pleasant town to walk around, museums, and a Benedictine monstary founded in the the 11th century.  Our banking excitement brought us to Bonn, where was found Beethoven everywhere (because he was born there), a great path along the river Rhine, lots of churches from between the 11th and 17th centuries (like the Bonn Minster), and a city adjusting to having its capital move to Berlin.


One Response to “Ich verlor meine Kamera gestern, hat jemand finden es hier am Nachmittag?”

  1. 1 josh

    FWIW, my Dad said that a “Monday Car”, as far as he knows, is a car that was made on a Monday, while all the workers were still hungover from the weekend. So this could be what the German wiki means by “workers not in their usual routine”

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