Alas! The part still isn’t here.


More time in Germany, we’ve only driven 525 miles or so.

Something is missing from this picture.

More time to worry about Plan B and now, perhaps Plan C.  If we’re not on our way tomorrow, our goal may be in jeopardy.  Does anybody know someone in Germany who wants a right-side driver Fiat Panda that was manufactured on a Monday?

I don’t blame the Germans for the part being absent, they had to order it from Turin, Italy… they were the ones who said it would be here today.

Oh no, the Italians!

Despite all this, call me Panglossian, but I remain optimistic.


One Response to “Alas! The part still isn’t here.”

  1. 1 Jason's Mom

    i’ve emailed fiat: been given fiat germany phone:

    free to all new/used fiat owners: call fiat 1st:

    0844 209 2583
    explained that this car to be donated for charity.
    have more numbers on jason’s site


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