Oh the humanity! Kaputt!


Dearest reader, I have not yet admitted to you a detail that I have been partially denying to myself.   We are missing the engine. (Though if you know anything about cars, you’d see that is the missing piece in yesterday’s photograph.  I could not find it in myself to admit what is obvious in words.)  What is worst is that the Italian supplier has managed to misplace our replacement engine and we will not receive it until *at least* next Tuesday.

As lovely as Germany has been, if we stay still for over a week, we will lose our minds and spend the last of our remaining Euros on beer and lodging.  At that point we would also have thrown a lot of Euros at replacing the engine– exceeding the value of the car and losing any hope of completing this in the timeframe we have allotted for ourselves.

It was hard, but we have abandoned the Panda.  It is now in the hands of the local Fiat dealership who did everything they could and everyone there was exceedingly friendly and helpful, despite the language barrier.  Example:  When have you been hugged in consolation by your mechanic?  When have you been hugged three times?  Gerry, Heinz, The Chief, and everyone at Autohaus Schmickler did their best– we looked at salvaging the engine, but it was destroyed in a unique and show-stopping manner, Jason will be better at the description than I am. Starting with something fresh was the only option.

We’ve lost enough time that Plan B is likely not an option, we are evaluating and may resort to Plan C.  What is Plan C?  We’ll let you know.


6 Responses to “Oh the humanity! Kaputt!”

  1. 1 Barb

    This seems so wrong! Is there no recourse against the seller of the defective Panda? I guess one consolation might be that, if the adventure ends in Germany, at least they are pretty renown for their beer.

  2. 2 Trista

    Omg I was hoping all was well…as it could be for you both. I hope you both can manage something, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope Jason feel better…please don’t get discouraged, Look at what you have already been through…banking issues…..a guy climbing through a window and abhorring or whatever Jason…Germany being closed….and now the car….you have made it through all that mess, so KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Tell Jason I love him, and I am still YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!

  3. 3 Nick

    Oh my gawd…
    Take lots of pictures and send a postcard.

  4. We are with you….so sad and mad on your behalf but I know you will make a grand adventure. And you are already doing much better than those of us sitting on the couch eating cookies!!!

  5. The decision point in Bonn right now is do we just wander around Europe, which would be guaranteed to be pleasant and head home early (Plan C). Or scream forward east via plane, train, yak, or whatever can be found, and try to catch the flight from Mongolia (Plan B.) In the grand schemes of things, the costs of B & C are similar, but with Plan B, we could end-up on the long train to Pakistan.

  6. 6 josh


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