day three in berlin


The microsoft-bing-street-mapper/anti-google-streets-mapper car just passed me on Invalidenstraße in Berlin.  What is it about mappers finding me drinking coffee?

Who doesn’t like a giant Lego giraffe at Potsdamer Platz?

Certainly, having the Panda die outside of Bonn is am anticlimactic catastrophe for this trip and a disappointment, but being stuck in Germany probably beats being stuck in the middle of the Steppe with some goats.  There are plenty of things to see and think about in Germany and excellent public transport.  [For some reason, when in train stations, people think I am there to help– and sometimes I do despite knowing about only two dozen words in German.]

Yesterday it was schnitzel sandwiches for breakfast amidst an aggressive sparrow attack, much wandering in the rain tracing the Wall for several miles, and then a litre of beer and the exhibit of German Parliamentarianism  in the Deutscher Dom.  (Fortunately on Sunday many things were open, unlike France which I suspect is still closed until September.)

In Berlin, seeing the bits and pieces of Wall and stories documenting its impact really gets the mind going on the fundamental cruelty of borders and partition everywhere.

I think I may go bicycling.

[One additional note on Germany:  Although I have been checking my e-mail at work minimally, I am still working!  The wifi Internet access seems to be broken in every single hotel.  Some of the smaller hotels seem to have an IT guy, with cables dangling everywhere, who is working on it all night long– it is very strange.  Aside from this one thing, much of Germany seems to make sense.]


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