The Kazakhstan of my dreams… will remain there (for now.)


Sadly, without the Panda, the trip is only going to involve a handful of European countries and I’ll never make it Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Romania, or Kazakhstan– the places I really wanted to get to.  Next time, I guess, with a more sensible plan.

(I contemplated bicycling to the Polish border and started some planning, because from Berlin to the border it would be less than 100 miles, about the same as my one day bicycle ride from my house to Kent.  However, after today, I determined the bike rentals are a little rough on you after 20 miles.  The models are very similar to the one used in the Wizard of Oz, except the tires are much heavier– I find myself humming the Wicked Witch of the West song every few miles.  That said, Berlin is one of the most bicycle friendly cities I have every seen– if you’re ever in Berlin, get a bike!)

Slate had an article about Kazakhstan which is part of a series– I really think Kazakhstan gets a bad wrap because of the sorry state of every other -stan.  It is a lot like Singapore, except much bigger, with a lot of Steppe, and a pretty cold winter.




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