in general

One sometimes wonders:  Where are the Spackman initiatives of yesteryear?  

I’ve been scribbling away on the Internets for over twenty years and thought it might be worthwhile to finally set-up a bona fide blog where something is written more than once every 2-3 years.

This seems like an easily attainable goal, particularly considering that I plan to drive to Mongolia this summer.  I should have something to talk about and be able to throw in some photos.

Although, you may think I’ve changed my mind, the word blog, to my ears, still sounds like some sort of digestive complaint.


One Response to “in general”

  1. 1 Michael Brown

    John I am following your blog and am including you and your trek in prayers. Just wait until Russia…then your language faux pas in France will seem как ничего. Счастьливого пути!

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