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We didn’t get anywhere near Mongolia.  We couldn’t donate the car to the charity.  I hope the best for the great people I met along the way, but it really is terrible that I had to junk it due to the engine failing.  We’ll still make donations to the charities and such, just heavy-hearted that the engine exploded […]

More time in Germany, we’ve only driven 525 miles or so. More time to worry about Plan B and now, perhaps Plan C.  If we’re not on our way tomorrow, our goal may be in jeopardy.  Does anybody know someone in Germany who wants a right-side driver Fiat Panda that was manufactured on a Monday? […]

grinding away


After the red-eye to London, I took the tube to Waterloo Station and the train to Aston, met-up with Peter who had been so extremely helpful through this process, he sold me the Panda and started my lesson on driving a manual transmission in the UK.  I cannot adequately describe the potential harm he faced for hours– […]

So much to do at this point and the days remaining can now be counted on one hand– most alarming. Fortunately, at this point, I think everything involving paperwork has been completed:  visas, car registration, miscellaneous insurance policies, plane tickets, that sort of thing.  Half my communication tools are ready to go: my Nokia quad-band […]

I must admit that despite eight months of planning, I feel under somewhat under-prepared. Some of these sources of concern are understandable, like the part about driving a car with a manual transmission across Europe and most of Asia without any previous experience driving stick.  I had hoped to learn in Cleveland and had found a […]