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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Bridge over the Rhine in Cologne More art than you can shake a stick at. Lunchtime Blutwurst challenge. Bissected Berlin for 20-25 miles on bicycle. Snacktime currywurst challenge. Even more art. (Paul Klee! Hurreeee!) Found Wagner hiding in the woods. Tried to enter the Reichstagsgebäude again.  The English and French documentation states you […]

Sadly, without the Panda, the trip is only going to involve a handful of European countries and I’ll never make it Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Romania, or Kazakhstan– the places I really wanted to get to.  Next time, I guess, with a more sensible plan. (I contemplated bicycling to the Polish border and started some planning, because from Berlin […]

The microsoft-bing-street-mapper/anti-google-streets-mapper car just passed me on Invalidenstraße in Berlin.  What is it about mappers finding me drinking coffee? Who doesn’t like a giant Lego giraffe at Potsdamer Platz? Certainly, having the Panda die outside of Bonn is am anticlimactic catastrophe for this trip and a disappointment, but being stuck in Germany probably beats being stuck in […]

On the train with a guinea pig also bound for Berlin.  We headed through Dortmund and had some beer from Dortmund as a consolation.

Dearest reader, I have not yet admitted to you a detail that I have been partially denying to myself.   We are missing the engine. (Though if you know anything about cars, you’d see that is the missing piece in yesterday’s photograph.  I could not find it in myself to admit what is obvious in words.)  What is worst is […]

Everyone within 50 meters of this statue becomes very serious. Beethoven radiates seriousness. Somehow in the ups and downs of my banking haste, I misplaced my camera and left it at a bank.  Thankfully, the kind people at the bank knew there was a crazed American and suspected I would be back… sure enough I […]

The last two days involved a series of attempts at German banking.   As you may surmise, dear reader, by writing from the same city in Germany, three days into the Mongolian adventure, something has not happened according to plan.  I should be in Prague by now. The Panda was not only sad, it was dying.  […]

All these miles… only to find out it was a different Englebert Humperdinck.  Not always do things go according to plan.


The panda’s growl has worsened, I fear.  With any luck, we’ll find a place tomorrow morning to take a look and discern whether this is engine related or simply a mere leak in the exhaust system.  I think we all feel better when we’re pushing it to its limit at  80 mph on the autobahn and it […]