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Two months ago, a friend posted a link on the facespace to a spread of photographs from the 1970’s focused on environmental problems. The photo he posted was a picture of the Clark Avenue bridge in all of its smoggy industrial 70’s glory. The bridge is long gone, but once connected with Pershing on the […]

What if…


It sounds like if my adventure had gone as planned, I would …be on the archery range with Joe Biden. …dodging falling chunks of the failed Soyuz launch.

The funny thing is that except for the part where I landed at Heathrow and took the underground to Waterloo Station and then the train to Alton, nothing from that point forward matched the plans.  Sure, I was feeling good the first time I heard “mind the gap” and recognized where I was, pulling from […]

I think we’re going to take the train to Berlin and figure out what to do from there. My luggage now has wheels.

Actual size


I am in the Montreal airport now, preparing for what I hope is a restful red-eye flight to Heathrow. I have earplugs. (I’ve never slept more than 2 hours on a plane, but one can always hope.) Tomorrow, I find out how much larger the Panda is than the toy version I also purchased.

So much to do at this point and the days remaining can now be counted on one hand– most alarming. Fortunately, at this point, I think everything involving paperwork has been completed:  visas, car registration, miscellaneous insurance policies, plane tickets, that sort of thing.  Half my communication tools are ready to go: my Nokia quad-band […]